Positioning specialists Geocon and Kongsberg Maritime collaborate on product optimisation in immersion operations

Immersing tunnels in open sea involves minimal positioning tolerances and often extreme conditions. Positioning specialist Geocon, a subsidiary of Dutch top-five construction company Strukton, collaborated  with Kongsberg Maritime to optimise the use of acoustic measuring equipment in immersion operations – an example of client-centricity from both parties.


Engineer Bart-Jan Ruesink, who holds primary responsibility for measurement operations at Geocon in Utrecht, the Netherlands, walks through the warehouse where his equipment stands waiting for shipping.  He says: “This is the Kongsberg Portable HiPAP® SSBL/USBL system, the acoustic measurement system we used as a backup in South Korea. That’s where our joint adventure – our partnership with Kongsberg  – began.”

That adventure was part of the Busan-Geoje Fixed-Link Project in South Korea; a bridge-and-tunnel connection stretching across a total of 8.2 kilometres in order to aid traffic flow between two economically  prominent areas. The contract for the immersion of the 3.2-kilometre tunnel at a depth of 50 metres below sea level was awarded to Strukton Immersion Projects, which specialises in the engineering and  immersion of tunnels, and Ruesink’s team from Geocon, a company specialising in measurement and monitoring in offshore situations.

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